Accessible & Affordable Primary Care

Membership Pricing

Cost Comparisons and Examples

Basic Office VisitIncluded$125
Bloodwork/LabsNear Cost Pricing$30-$50
Abscess DrainageIncluded$100
Laceration RepairIncluded$100
Wellness LabNear Cost Pricing$50
Digital X-rayIncluded$50-$100
Medical InjectionNear Cost Pricing$50
Drug ScreenNear Cost Pricing$45
STD PanelNear Cost Pricing$100
Rapid Test (Pregnancy, glucose)Near Cost Pricing$25
Plan coverageTraditional Health InsuranceIMC Health Membership
(Family of 4)(Family of 4)
Monthly Cost$1,530$190
Yearly Cost of plan$18,360$2,280
Deductible$7,000Not Applicable
Office Visit Co-Pay$80-$150Included
Urgent Care Co-Pay$80Included
9am-9pm phone accessNAIncluded
Blood Work/x-ray50% after first $7,000Near Cost
In office surgery50% after first $7,000Near Cost
In office diagnostic test50% after first $7,000Near Cost
MRI/CT/US50% after first $7,000$125-$675

*Near Cost Pricing varies based on procedure test and the consumable items used. Pricing typically covers the cost of the items plus an inventory fee.

*Traditional Plan Quote from quote on 3-25-2021


1) Johnny is 10 years old, he was sliding into home base and cut his nee open. It is bleeding a lot. It’s 8pm on Saturday.

Option 1: Johnny’s parents take him to the ER where they wait 2.5 hours. He receives 5 stitches and they leave 30 minutes later. The bill is $1000. They return to their primary care doctor to have the stitches removed and have an $80 co-pay. Their $7,000 deductible hasn’t been met for Johnny so everything is out of pocket.

Option 2: Johnny’s parents take him to an urgent care 30 minutes away. They wait 45 minutes to be seen and he receives 5 stiches. They leave 15 minutes later. The bill is $225 and they return a week later to have the stitches removed at no cost.

Option 3: Johnny’s parents call their IMC Membership Provider directly. The provider meets them at the nearest clinic in 15 minutes and he receives 5 stitches. They return a week later to have the stiches removed. Johnny’s parents don’t owe anything extra.

2) Judy is 56 years old and has been suffering a week and half from a horrible cough, chills, aches, and shortness of breath. Her co-workers are worried about her because it is difficult for her to talk. She is pale and clammy.

Option 1: Her co-worker calls for an ambulance. In the ER she has a full cardiac work-up and is discharged 5 hours later with a diagnosis of acute bronchitis. Ambulance and ER Bill is $5,000. She has not met her deductible so Judy owes the full bill.

Option 2: Her co-worker drivers her to a traditional insurance based Immediate care. They evaluate her and she is diagnosed with acute bronchitis. She pays her $80 co-pay and is billed for $170. She hasn’t meet her deductible and receives a negotiated rate of $120. Her co-pay does not go towards the $120 or her deductible.

Option 3: Her co-worker drives her to the closest IMC Clinic. She is seen right away and diagnosed with Acute Bronchitis. Since she has an IMC Health Membership she pays nothing other than the Antibiotic she leaves with which was around $5.

3) James is 62 with traditional insurance and an IMC Health Membership. He developed an atypical headache 3 days ago. James is well known to his IMC provider. His medical history along with his odd behavior is concerning and the provider orders some labs and an MRI. IMC calls to get approval of an MRI through insurance but they require a specialist to request it. The soonest a Specialist can see James in 3 months.

Option 1: James decides to wait to see the specialist so his insurance can cover his MRI. 2 days before his appointment, James passes away in his sleep. The autopsy shows he had an operable brain tumor.

Option 2: James decides to pay for the MRI of $500 out of pocket and learns he has an operable Brain tumor. With this information he is referred to a neurosurgeon and the tumor is removed successfully. At 65 James is still in remission and he attends his Granddaughters wedding.

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