Accessible & Affordable Healthcare


Better Healthcare = Better Employees

Better Savings​

From lower utilization of emergency rooms to lower-cost prescriptions, IMC membership plan helps save you money.

Better Health

Improve your employees attendance by offering easy access to a healthcare provider. The stress of needing medical attention without a means to access it can drainyour employees mental health. Additionally, focusing on wellness management rather than illness management means they are on theroad to becoming healthier.

Better Life

Without the stress and anxiety that comes with a traditional insurance structure, (high fees, high deductibles, finding a provider and having a provider that will give you the time you need) your employees will live happier lives and be more committed to the company that helps them provide wellness for their family.

Employer sponsored Health Memberships

Provide your team with the peace of mind they need, so you can get back to work. Coverage options include Employee only or Employee and family.

Monthly membership fee per employee

*Medicare recipients cannot be covered at this time. Monthly fee includes access to membership, other fees may apply. Employer
services include in membership is an additional additional fee.

Savings Everywhere

Diagnostic testing, labs, and prescriptions are some of the highes tcosts associated with insurance. We have negotiated cash pay pricing forthese services saving you and your employees’ thousands per year over the cost for traditional health insurance.

*Additional fees apply for consumables, imaging & labs.

What is included in membership?