Fast Access When You Need It Most

The beautiful thing about your membership is you always have access to careWhen our clinics are open, you are welcome to just drop in.

For fast reference these are the hours of our clinics:

 It is recommended that for any non-acute (non-immediate) need, you should make an appointment. Our goal is to never make you wait and ensure our provider has enough time to work with you as you need. Walk-in visits will be more difficult to accommodate, but possible. 

For scheduling we will do our best to get you in the same day. If not, we may have to schedule you for the following day, and of course you can schedule as far in advance as you would like. 

Don’t forget, after your first wellness exam you will have your providers direct cell phone number where you can text or e-mail whenever you need them. So, while our hours and locations are important, you are never without an option to get an answer right away. (Providers will be available to respond 9am-9pm seven days a week.)

As a member you always have access to our on-line educational content so you able to help yourself even in emergencies. 

Please keep in mind that while IMC has 3 locations, Edison is located at East Central, and Lindsay is located at Maize Rd. Please check with them first, (text or request and appointment on the app,) if you want to see them personally.

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